The Wingara Reserve Story

Wingara Reserve is a district sized playground located on Sydney's Northern Beaches. This was the place that kicked off the Play For All Australia journey in March 2016.

A local council representative had posted to a community Facebook page, inviting members of the pubic to provide feedback about proposed designs for the playgrounds forthcoming upgrade.

When looking through each of them it appeared that none were inclusive. I wanted to know why. 

The answers forthcoming were related to cost - and yet, this was money being spent anyway. As a mother of two, including a son with a disability, it didn't sit right with me.

After a few more days contemplation (and a couple of emails to the then Mayor of Warringah, Michael Reagan), I decided to start a community Facebook site to help advocate for inclusive design to be incorporated into this playground. I'm not a designer, or a landscape architect - but as a mother, I felt that we could do better for all our children in the community.

To their credit, the council was incredibly responsive. Emails, phone-calls and a face to face meeting ensued with the Mayor of Warringah and his Head of Open Spaces.

The end result? Not only was the design re-considered, but a new style of accessible mulch was proposed for use at the site. The new plans were revised and in mid-2016, the Wingara Reserve playground was re-opened. For all our kids. 




Caroline Ghatt