$6.3million  dedicated to making inclusive play a reality on Sydney's northern beaches.

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How we work

creativity and collaboration 

A key driving force behind our movement is that creativity and collaboration can solve any problem. With a design thinking approach, we enlist local creative thinkers along with a community of educators, parents and residents to imagine a world of play for all. With inclusion the starting point for all design we are pushing for a new normal that promotes connection and caring by dissolving as many boundaries as possible.

Our approach centres on empathy, strategic workshops, ideation & prototyping and community empowerment. 



-       3 significant changes in local council policy positively impacting more than 250,000 residents

-       $6.3 million commitment to an inclusive play network across Sydney's northern beaches

-       Leadership of a $100K innovative local neighbourhood inclusive playground project (launched 2017)


Thank you to everyone who is helping spread the word...

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