We believe the best ideas come from collaboration between diverse minds. We bring together talented and energetic visionaries, creatives, designers, thinkers and child development specialists with one common vision: to create a world of play and belonging for all.


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Caroline Ghatt

co-FOUNDEr, advocate, strategist

Caroline is a breaker of boundaries, an imagineer and a dreamer of new possibilities. She is inspired by the power of creativity and its power to overcome barriers and solve problems.

Caroline has more than 15 year’s professional background as a brand strategist working with some of the world's biggest brands. She is also a proud mum of two, including a child with a significant disability. She brings a firsthand perspective into life for families whose children are not typically developing.

Caroline planted the seed for Play For All, starting the FaceBook community group and is a key driver in the growth we have today. She leads community advocacy, design thinking sessions, and empathy workshops. And through working with our broader team, she is passionately shaping the future direction of the group as a social innovation collective.

Caroline believes that when everyone is included, we all benefit. Her vision is for inclusion to be the starting point for all play experiences. The new normal in playground design. And education is the key first step.


Timothy Smith


Tim is an ideas man. He believes in partnerships and what we can achieve together. Tim is passionate about bringing a diverse set of minds to a problem and finding the most unexpected and innovative solution.

Also a father of two, including a child with a significant disability, Tim brings this perspective to his work. He knows what it feels like to be a carer, not just a parent.

As an executive with over 20 years in Sales and Marketing, Tim uses this expertise and talent to drive the operational side of the business – from prototyping to project management. He is our undisputed "Head of Play". Nimble on his feet with a hands-on dedication, he moves us forward by navigating any challenges that come our way.

Tim wants to make the world a place where we can all play. His driving force is that inclusion doesn't cost more - it's about how we frame the issues and look for the solutions.

Passionate and big-hearted, Tim is one of life’s good guys who brings others with him.

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Gemma Hoffman


Gemma is passionate about early childhood development and the role of play in the lives of children, families and communities. 

She has worked with children and families for over 20 years with most of those years specialising in Early Intervention. She now teaches aspiring educators with a particular focus on diversity, disability and inclusion.  

Over the years Gemma has observed the transformative and empowering effect of play for EVERY child and espouses the right for all children, no matter their unique abilities, to have play experiences that foster autonomy, curiosity, creativity and agency.

She believes that play is as essential as sunshine.